Morning coffee (39 photos)


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  • Jessiicaaa

    #20 Because it used to be the 8th month. See Carrie. Glad I'm not the only one who has held on to that bit of random info til now!

  • Corissa

    #36 love, beauty, money. lol.

  • Lucy

    Happiness Power and Freedom. WOW kind of eyeopening.

  • daisybear24

    #36 mine were beauty, honesty, and money. WHich is really appropriate. I dont want money to be rich though, just enough to live comfortably. =)

  • Ci.A

    #36 love time fun!

  • Yikes

    #1 Made me LOL at work

  • MI Gal

    #21…went to high school with him haha!

  • Andrea_9

    #18 hehehehee… Das ME. :p

  • l0vebug76

    Love #37. I'd take the slide every time as I'm a kid at heart!

  • Sophia

    #22 so cute!!

  • tangeria

    #36 love, beauty, lust… not too sure about that…=)

  • me!

    #36 money love and friends.. sounds about right

  • Forever drunk

    I love #6 and #8

  • Liz

    More of #23!!! <3 him!!!

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