• loo

    #6 I see you there union jack. Sneaky.

  • Laa

    Am I the only one who thinks #9 are goof troop status?

    • April

      No you are not the only one. I mean what do you wear those with.

    • Kara

      No way, those are great!!!:)

    • doerteee

      i think the plateau is a bit much. they could be fine otherwise.

  • Kesslee

    #21 I want this hoodie….does anyone know where I can find it?

    • PicklesMcGee

      ditto! I love it!

    • Laura-Niqui

      Me too me too!

    • jjj

      not available anymore. sso (sorry sold out)…

  • nay

    berry, i loved it and i dont wanna be one of those boring nacionalist, but i'm from brazil and i'm in AMERICA too

  • Madison

    #19 and #21 please find!!

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