• Manning181

    #30 I'm with ya on that one, buddy.

    • Michelle

      Love Workaholics!!!!!!!!

  • TylerG_76

    #17 Clever.😉😀

  • vihenos

    #23 over used..

  • Kristin

    #25. AWESOME.

  • bamboo

    #25 i hope he's returning home and not deploying

  • bamboo

    #28 anyone else totally creeped out by this turtle's head/face/eyes????

  • lilian

    #1 paint me like one of your french girls

    • samanthalin88

      I am crying. Thanks for that.

  • SugarSkull

    #16 who is that? very handsome😉

    • bamboo

      Tom Hardy

      • sam

        he is BANE in The dark knight rises…_

    • SugarSkull

      kinda sad i didnt know that lol sorry guys, I dont follow celebrities or movies very much:/ deprived

      • Neztra

        OK, but don't pay attention to the fact that he plays a Batman villian. Do yourself a favor and watch Wuthering Heights (the 2009 version with Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley) to see him in all of his glory.:) He is fantastic.

        • sam

          Neztra, all of his movies are amazing😉 greetings!

  • Lisa

    #25 beautiful

    • Fethi

      Again, all I do is post what I’m told from the folks that handle this stuff. They make the diniseocs about what to do with CBGXtra’s forums and website, not me. They also have to handle all the websites F+W owns, many of which DO have commercial activity on them. Ours is tied to some of those, making this procedure necessary.

  • Maple

    #12. Thank you. My day can always use a little Camille Lacourt.

  • courtneyelIse

    #25 Instant tears

  • Amanda

    #30 Best SHOW NA

  • Kelsey

    #30 best show ever. best guy ever.

  • zen

    tom hardy mega post!!!

    • JanethFly

      Hell Yeah!!!

  • Megan_

    #31 Story of my life!!
    #3 and #17 Love these!! So funny!

  • Rachel

    #7 these were never funny.

  • jjj

    #25 Gets me every time I see it…. thanks for posting it Berry.

  • jjj
  • jjj

    #20 Twin Baby A/B – Red. $40.

    also available in dark blue organic. $45.

    • Mrs.Random

      twin b lookin pissed. lol

  • kek


    i herewith want to thank the berries for all the love they show towards Mr. Hardy and the pleasant side effect it has to us – being able to regularly drool over him.❤

  • DRD


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    paint me like one of your french girls.

  • Daniel

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