Top Contenders For The Role Of Christian Grey (15 photos)

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  • RDChivette

    #7 Ever since I had read the books he is who I have pictured. Especially with those eyes. DAMN. But #6, #9 would be close contenders.

  • Nicole

    #4 #7 #9 or #14

    I'd be all for any of these guys, but agree that Christian would be best played by a new face.:) but like I said, I wouldn't say no to watching one of these 4 do Christian Grey naughty things

  • natalie

    Alexander Skarsgard❤ not even thinking twice here!
    #1 is too sweet❤

    • natalie

      #2 i meant😉

  • Alice

    #5 or #13

  • berrypie

    ian ,ian iaaaann!!!ian somerhalder all the way!!<3

  • Alison

    I'm reading the book right now and I really don't see the big deal. Am I the only one that thinks Christian Grey is super creepy?

  • pretyinpink588

    Alex Pettyfer. I have read all 3 books and I think he best fits!! SO DANG HOTT!!

  • monkey


  • psykogrl

    #5 no contest… I'd let Thor hit me with his 'hammer' any day😉

  • may

    Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard are the only choices, the only gorgeous and the others I deslike in real life or they can't act.

  • Annabell Hutto

    they better cast someone super hot, it's the only way i'd watch this misfortune of garbage "literature" being put into movie form.

  • Dayna

    #8 That is who I thought of the whole time reading the books.

    • Spess

      Yes, yes, YES!!!

  • Jess

    #5 . #8 , #11 , #13
    Are ALL awesome choices. Sexy dark power with deep eyes **drools**

  • Hannah
  • Christine


  • kellibaby

    I'll take #2 and #7…the rest can fight it out for who gets the role…

  • S.G

    I vote none of these men. Hot? Yes! Who I imagne in my head while Im reading, NOT AT ALL….. I agree that it needs to be a fresh face, someone we havent seen before.

  • Jennifer

    #14, 13, or 9 is my vote! But definitely not someone who's a super popular actor!

  • Sami

    Ryan Guzman all the way!!

    He is everything CG is x

  • Christine

    None of the above!

    Christian Camargo–for those who watch Dexter, he played Dexter's brother. This is was who I thought of when reading the books!

  • Kait

    #6 #7 #8 #9 #12 #13 #14


  • @jamesTWIT

    Matthew Bomer is leading over Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy as Christian Grey over at Go over a cast who you believe is best for the role.

  • Kathryn Kerr

    Ian Somerhalder – HOT and mysterious!!

  • Lua

    #7 Hunky IAN SOMERHALDER *___*

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