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  • Avery

    #24- Damn girl you look fantastic. So inspirational!

  • surlymermaid

    Ok I know everyone is moved by #13. I'm a military wife and I understand his emotional response to either seeing his child for the first time or having to leave his tiny baby. But my first reaction to that photo is that the baby must really need to be changed.

  • Seyphir

    #29 Well, hello again mister man on the right :)

    • Dakota

      haha i can't believe this made best photos of the week. i grew this horrible mustache for the warrior dash. but glad you like it

  • Samantha

    #44 She's a bitch if "this ring" is what it would take for her to say yes. You are a bigger bitch for not only putting up with it, but going online to find the only ring in which she will say 'yes' to.

    Get someone who loves you, not your money, who would take a tin band and still say yes.

  • Riyo


  • LaurenGoMeow

    #13 beautiful :'(

  • Elle

    Wrong site for this spam a-hole!


    I'm not even going to preface this with "no offence, but…"

    If that ring means more to her than who gave it to her, then she's not worth it.

  • DRD

    #42 Ho, Cat, & Sine?

  • Kdub

    #44 Sounds like a nice girl…..

  • emerzz_

    I've been tweeted by those two handsome fellas on the end in #1 :)

  • Megan

    #28 my life would be complete with hump day

  • Kate

    #24 how? please, tell me :D

  • Claire

    #15 I love LA LA and his sassy ass!

  • Jenni

    #42 Popular, fun and honesty……. lol I have never and will probably never be popular.

  • sweatervest

    #52 thats because dogs dont like to wear glasses or sweaters, hats, booties, scarves…etc.!

  • pear

    #53…please find ASAP! ♥♥♥

  • katmz

    #11 Does anyone know who this wedding photog is? This is hilarious!
    #24 You look amazing, and you look like Christina Applegate! You would rock a mean Veronica Corningstone for Halloween!

  • ESPNdoll
  • trelos803

    PS. is it weird that as a chiver aka guy i'm scrolling the berry and actually enjoying it lol

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  • Charlotte

    # 7 – YES PLEASE!!!

  • Charlotte

    #7 – YES PLEASE!!!

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