Afternoon eye candy: Tom Daley (28 photos)

Thanks for voting for last Thursday's Eye Candy! Ricky Berens won but Mr. Daley was a close second...

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  • Lindsey

    Grrr! I find his body so amazing but the minute I see his face I feel like a pedophile.

    • Bit312

      That's what I was thinking! How old is this kid??

      • nightlock

        he's 18! so yes, a baby!

    • WisGal_KCCO

      That was my thought going through this post. I wasn't sure how old he was, so I wasn't sure if I should feel guilty about drooling…

  • Leigh

    I was soo thinking the same Lindsey!

    #11 makes me laugh then I look at #12 his body…um yeah -he is too young for me!

  • ark

    #8 i would eat ice cream with him any day

  • Courtney


  • Mrs.Tomdaley

    He is older than me by 5 years

  • kelsey

    holy shit, he is amazing!

  • samanthalin88

    #7 adorable
    #11 made me laugh soooo hard. PS…it should probably be illegal for teenagers to be that hot. So wrong, but somehow so right.

  • savannah

    #18 his eyes stare into your soul. and i totally have a chance with him! he's only a year older than i am!!!! yes!

  • themisschelsea

    I would be a cougar for him

  • BR&Y

    His name should be Campbell, because he is mm mm good!!!

  • mee!

    I keep watching #15 on repeat😄

  • Kristine

    oh i love being 18😛 ooft tom daley.
    #5 #15❤ #17 made me laugh when i saw it on his twitter haha

  • emerzz_
  • rocklesson86

    I feel like a pedophile every time I lust after his body, but then I remember his legal.

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