Berries, you’ve got some great summer memories (47 photos)

Thanks to everyone who sent in great summer memory pictures! Don't worry if you missed the call out. You're more than welcome to send in any awesome photos to theBERRYpics[at]gmail[dot]com.

  • Sarah

    Yey! we made it! #24 me and my handsome guy! Best summer ever! ^_^

    • Kim

      You guys are ADORABLE together!!

      • Sarah

        Thank you! ^_^

  • skyfireCO

    #35 – I moved from Vail, CO to Boston about 8months ago – if you want to tour around let me know!

  • rach

    #31 Yes! My first post on The Berry!:)

  • Leigh

    ❤ my girls!

    #8 & #11

  • rach

    #47 Best idea ever! Mumford & Sons are amazing!

  • supersport

    #8 #11 Look at that hottie on the far left, Yummy!😉

    • Leigh

      😉 and now you see my face in a post =P

  • nightlock

    #28 yay, that's me!:) looks like everyone is having a great summer!

  • ouiouisammy

    #30 YAY! Berry; You have made my day by posting me on here:) Looks like all of you are fantastic summer!!!:)

  • bamboo

    #10 I hope your dad is well! Looks like he hasn't aged a day! Tell him thank you for his service!

    • NCBerry

      Yes he has gotten so much better since the surgery! He had to get emergency surgey for kidney stones….THEN the doctor cut through something during that. So this was him recovering after his SECOND surgery in maybe 2 days! Still can't do so much, be he hanging in there! And I will surely tell him!:)

      • Kim

        Happy to hear he is doing better, such great pics! Thank him for his service from me too!

        • NCBerry

          Thank you! I will surely let him know!:)

  • Camrie

    #15 Yay my friends and I finally made it!:) Berry you made my day!

  • Sean

    #32 you look to only be about half way there.

  • Rachael

    :)❤ #39

  • surlymermaid

    #42 Aloha! We are stationed here for another year.:)

  • amanda

    #26 its a memory now cause im pregnant and he says hes seen my kayaking skills and im not allowed anymore… i may have had one crazy encounter with a tree. but i survived.

  • savannah

    well now i feel like a loser, i've done nothing all summer but work. and i live right next to a beach.😦

    • Iloveserjtankian

      Hey Savannah….Summer isn't over yet, still plenty of time to get out there & make some great memories!!!

  • Iloveserjtankian

    #27 – Beautiful baby boy!!! Single parenting is tough but worth it so hang in there & keep up the good work!

    • Jen

      i am a single mother of a boy that will be 9 this sunday. women are doing it more and more nowadays. because we are awesome, of course. you rock!

  • Matt

    #1 You remind me of Victoria from How I Met Your Mother:)

  • LeDjer


    No, you're a BEAUTIFUL single mom. And your son looks cool.

  • xevg

    #27 Fierce Mom!

  • Hbomb

    So berry excited we made it on the board!! #41

  • Africana

    #44 which of the 53 African countries did you visit (or do you live in/come from?)
    Happy to see my continent represented!

  • bloomfever2002

    Still didn't make the Berry? I am bummed.😦

  • megan

    #19 my miranda lambert koozie. other side says: i'll keep drinkin and you'll keep gettin skinnier.

  • Laya

    Is #13 being drowned? Ummm….. that's a really strange picture.

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