Most powerful stars online (12 photos)

Packing in a combined audience of 50 million global search terms a month, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are the most powerful celebrities online.


  • DdD

    Except we are grown ups and nobody cares about Justin Bieber

    • Daydee3

      Or Kristen Stewart.

  • Trolololol

    #10 A cheater? (Sanders too)

  • Sade

    #9 ♥
    #5 Ahahaha!

  • Kal

    #7 really?

    • SlimIsOver

      He is so WHINEY. Yuck. His 15 minutes were up long ago.

  • fer cyccone

    #2 #3 #4 #7 #10,They are famous Mostly because of teenagers, not that i never searched for Justin bieber, when it was fun to mock him, i used to search "let's kill justin bieber", "justin bieber is (stupid, an asshole, i stupid joke, a girl, you choose)".

  • Iloveserjtankian

    Kind of a disappointing list. Wouldn't it be nice if the most powerful people online were Mother Theresa and a group of more noble people?? Sure Angelina, Brad & George do a lot of good work but Lady GaGa, Bieber, Stewart, Gomez, etc……. Really???

    • judy


  • Chels

    The Beebs? Seriously? Child get off the internet.

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