• me!

    #27I love when a guys chest hair load like this! like they shaved it a week ago

  • monica

    sweet mother! Berry you just make my morning <3<3<3 #1 #2 #6 #8 #15 #27 I'm in love! MOAR!

  • Sarah

    I find this odd. I do not like giant beards, and the mustache is just ridiculous. I actually really dislike tattoos, I don't think they're attractive at all. And I feel gauges are sort of… dumb. But THIS guy is beautiful.

  • katy


  • Sabrina

    #14 Im married and idc lol this guy is soo HAWT!

  • bookwyrm4ever


    Have to start by saying I rarely click through the HMOTB posts for one simple reason; they always seem to feature boys – pretty, shiny boys, granted, but boys nonetheless.

    Thank you Berry for stepping outside the box and putting a man up here. It is refreshing to see someone with depth in his eyes.

    MOAR PLEASE! And by MOAR, I mean please keep stepping outside the "youthful perfection" box and bringing us different flavours of men to appreciate.

  • Jen

    idk how i feel about him….i mean i wouldnt kick him out of bed. but it looks like he would take more time in front of the mirror than me.

  • jactue

    Just fell in love from the mustache to his amazing body. YUM!!!!

  • kilove

    Yuck. What a silly wanker. Tatted up sure got him some modelling $. He'll be FUGLY in no time flat when the styles change. Pffffffftttt

  • Quintin Golay

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  • http://www.facebook.com/trish.sidelko Trish

    #11 #15 #27 Good God, he is perfection.

  • Ssss

    GROSS. I wouldn't do this guy for practice. He's all kinds of disgusting. He looks like a meth dealer.

  • Jade

    I don't know what it is (cause I generally don't dig bearded burly types) but he's just kinda hot! mmm I do 'em😉

  • KrissyKupcake

    And we have matching peacock tattoos!! It's meant to be lol. God do i love me some bearded men!!

  • TEN


  • sanj

    He's a really nice guy to work with, some of those images are from a project we worked on with him.

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