• Fabienne

    i LOVE #19

  • BritBerrier

    #2 is so pretty!

  • Mel

    #8 No thanks…I don't understand this showing your bra fad

    • Sade

      I like the sheer fashion but it makes me feel a bit exposed :S

  • Maren

    #10 Reminds me of The Cosby Show when Theo had to sew a shirt for Vanessa.

  • choc

    want #12

    • jjj

      #12 Equipment Nixie Blouse in Peach Nectar, $208. on shopbop.


    • jjj

      There are a few on ebay. search " equipment cold shoulder peach " to find them. right now they have them in peach in xs, small, and medium anywhere between $109-$169.

  • jjj

    according to this blog and the internet, they are from forever21. sold out at the store. will check ebay now.

    found the peach one on the far right on ebay in small here.

    similar here.


    will keep looking on ebay. but grab the peach one now if it is the right size.

  • jjj

    very similar to the coral on the far left on ebay. auction ends in 4 days.

  • jjj

    the peach one i listed earlier that i said to "grab" is also in an auction. done in 4 days so you have time. these are so pretty and ethereal…. do love. done searching here. keep checking back on ebay for " forever 21 sheer top " and the other two may show up in the future. good luck on this one…will check for the shoes on 7 now…. 😀

  • jjj

    the shoes are on a blog here and say they are "seychelles" brand.


    will look for availability now.

  • jjj

    the shoes are Seychelles style Vulture and are on shoes.com for $70 right now in a few sizes.


  • jjj

    less expensive shoes on endless.com $54 if they are in your size.


  • jjj

    if the shoes i listed aren't in your size, you might find them on ebay. there are a few there now, but spotty in sizes. search for " seychelles vulture ". Done here. Good luck to you ! 😀

  • Megan

    you are amazing! thank you!

    • googleberry

      now going by the name 'googleberry'…😀

  • haley

    where is #17 from?

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