• Medina

    #1-The toasted bread comes from a Mexican bread company, which is also the parent company for Thomas' English Muffins. I guess they sell it in Mexico because not everyone can afford a toaster there. Tastes great with Nutella!!! Try it.

    • Jables

      i dunno about toasted but when my family and i went to Portugal a local shop on site had Bimbo bread and it was the best bread we'd ever tasted… felt like hoarding a load in our suitcases back to Britain!😛

    • kirinjirafa

      Yeah, it's good bread.

    • Brittany

      I just saw toasted bread at Walmart yesterday. Wonder bread I think, bottom shelf with potato bread, almond bread, etc

    • ale

      Tell me you don´t think here in Mexico we ride in burros everywhere and wear sombreros, please. And yes… bimbo is very popular, not asocciated with air heads, at all.

      • Jess

        Wait…that's not what you do?!?

        • ale

          No, darling… and I´ll be glad to drop this case down.

        • Celia

          I wish I could thumbs down you into oblivion

          • celia

            Jess is who I want to thumbs down

    • Debanhy

      Excuse me but not everybody can afford toasters here in America as well, Bimbo bread is a very popular kind of pastry company that also sell this toasted bread. They sell Bimbo bread almost everywhere in North America so the next time you want to talk down on Mexican products I would check twice before you post something up about how not everyone in Mexico can afford toasters.

  • Allie

    #10 made me gag. That's nasty

    • Sandra

      It is pretty gross but when your baby has snot and won't stop crying its pretty awesome. There is a barrier so you won't actually come in contact with the boogers.

      • Allie

        Just use a regular bulb syringe

  • aVulgarSquirrel

    #15 I don't even…what…I….this…face bra?

  • porcelain

    #22 Bieber? He has a habit of walking head-first into glass doors.

    • hpuem

      I thought that it looked like that terrible reality show of Rob Dyrdek

  • Stefano

    The nasal aspirator is not nasty… actually it works quite good. In the first part of the tube (rigid plastic one), there is place for a small foam filter to avoid mucus to be transferred to parent's mouth. It is a very effective way to clean the nose of newborns up to about 2 years old when they start normally to flush their noses alone (this age depends on every single baby). My wife and me used a similar model from Artsana-Chicco in Italy on both our kids, now 4 and 3. Bye.

  • Seldi84

    #12 I kinda want to buy this bulk and give them to my friends as gag gifts.

  • crustybubblechunks

    #5 is for the buddy dump!

    • jjj


  • spitfire

    lol saw #7 on "King of Cars" and thought "how would i ever buy a car from a salesman lookin' like that???" I would be too busy laughing!!!

  • JimmyJ567

    #1 Yeah, 'cause I am so lazy, I can't be bothered to toast it myself. Ho Yeah!

  • Abbey

    #2 What a dumbass !

  • Kenny

    #1 Remember you are what you eat!

  • Latasha Prosper

    wondering why quite a few blogging at a blogroll lack their very own newest publish stated as well as others carry out? The way to improve that?

  • Hilder

    the Bimbo toasted bread is amazing. like melba toast. extra crunchy and great for sammiches that youre gonna wait to eat coz they dont get as soggy.

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