Guess the father (29 photos)

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  • aVulgarSquirrel

    #1 was the easiest I thought.

    p.s. #23 such bad suit envy right now.

  • maria

    hahaha #14 and #28!!! "what did you say to me?"

    • Pwarr

      That kid is so cute

  • Lucy B

    Good Gene's

  • Liir

    #24, she looks just like Toby Maguire.

  • Liir

    I'm sorry, it double posted me, don't know why it did that.

  • Seth

    I think fundamentally there has been a shift to some of the reonsas from your granddad’s era til now .. that discussion would’ve been real interestingI’ve been on both sides of the coin (married/single) .. in some aspects there is a real sense of security in a committed (healthy of course) relationship the dating world these days is a complete nightmare compared to when I was first in college. I think a lot of people’s convictions about the sanctity of marriage have changed too people Read Morechange partners like their underwear and all too often partnerships are like bandaid fixes rather than deep emotional commitment. Funny you should mention this as I am planning my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary this Oct I will never accomplish what they have unless I meet and get hitched to my soulmate tomorrow and live to be 94 LOL .. I am so jealous

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