• Christina

    #5 I love them!

  • Katie

    Where oh where can I find #17 ??? Please someone tell me:)

  • skyfireCO

    LOVE the dress in #24

  • Jordana


    I need this!!❤

  • Twin Cities Girl

    LOVE #7

  • jjj

    Beautiful post! Thank you.❤

  • Guest

    jjj, any hints on #4 ?

  • sunshine

    Ooh where can i find dress n°12??

  • Abdo

    someone January 23, 2009 Did you base number 8 eneltriy on that Yahoo! Answers thing? Because Yahoo! Answers is clogged with the stupidest people capable of using the internet.Some memorable questions include How do I scan a mirror and use it as my background , Where can I find scuba-diving equipment for my horse and I heard on TV that there’s a war in Georgia, when do we evacuate (The person lived in the state Georgia of the US, the war was in the country Georgia halfway across the world.) It’s also likely that a lot of the people there are being asses on purpose.Yeah, this post’s main purpose was just to rant on Yahoo! Answers ) But I think our reputation is more on being ignorant and too prideful. Not to mention kurakot.

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