Jake Gyllenhaal: “Every journey starts with fear” (24 photos)

Jake Gyllenhaal has a full beard during his DETAILS shoot. Check out his interview highlights below!

On preparing for his role in "End of Watch":
“Five months for a 22-day shoot. Three nights a week in ride-alongs with cops. Fight training every morning at a KenboKarate dojo, and I got the shit kicked out of me. Then the shooting range, shooting past each other’s heads, with live ammo. There’s a simulated fire in the movie, but Dave (the Director) wanted us to feel what that’s like, so he had us do a controlled burn… a Saturday where me and Michael Pena drive down to Orange County, dressed like firemen head-to-toe, and suddenly we’re there just sit- ting in the middle of a burning building.”

On his outlook on life:
“Every journey starts with fear. And I could say that’s what I want to embrace now. A real experience. And I want, overall, to trust what I know is right. There have been many times when I haven’t. It’s what I’m asking myself: Where is the line? What is the line? There’s so much context, it can be almost impossible to find."

On working out:
"I don't run anymore. Do I take care of my body and take conditioning seriously? Yes. But exercising regularly doesn't fit the energy of the character I'm playing now."

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