Lovely gingers (26 photos)


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Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of theBERRY, loves to travel, embraces awkward moments, and appreciates anything that has to do female empowerment. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • ayla_von_brandt

    #12 Finally :) Adore him :)

  • ----locked

    Sooo…..did I miss Benedict Cumberbatch?

    • MariaSky100

      Exactly my thought….

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    A few of these aren't real redheads. The real thing is so much more awesome! :-9 But fake redhead as she may be, Lucille Ball will always be the best funny lady. :-)

    • kate

      There is something about being a natural. They didn't have to grow up with being the only one in a room or being called names (carrot top, pippi longstocking, etc.). It's as though you have to earn the right to be called a redhead whereas so many die their hair blonde and brunette and you can't tell. I can always tell a natural redhead from a fake.

      Also I don't know if all naturals agree with me on this but I prefer redhead to ginger, I don't know I guess that name suits my color more.

      • Mrs.Random

        "ginger" refers to the "gingerness" of a redhead, more sexual, energetic, and spunky. its an old term that has been sort of lost :/ google it. "why are redheads called gingers" you can always tell a fake redhead because they lack the very gingerness a redhead should have, or because its a really bad dye job! lol

        • Britt

          I'm proud to be called ginger! I agree with Mrs. Randomness, it's not just about the hair but the personality. My hair has slowly turned more rust color from the strawberry blonde when I was a kid. Someone told me I wasn't as true redhead as them, >:( then the temper arose.

          • ale

            Well, I am a fake ginger… recently, and I love how it fits me. I liked mine before, but didn´t regret it at all. You naturals have the power! LOLZ

      • Mashara

        I don't think gingers or readheads have the exclusivity of being called names in school. My natural hair might dark blonde (don't remember, haven't seen it in years) but I have a long list of things I was called in school for my big ears. Children always manage to find that one thing that calls attention.

  • megaliz

    #8, I love Amy Adams.
    #18, although I don't like her 90's hairstyle her face looks so fresh and pretty!

  • Theresia

    Aack! Rupert Grunt is a lovely Ginger!! #2 classic beauty. #14 *sigh* Thaw eyes and WHAT a sense o humor. I love funny men!and #6 is gorgeous and super funny too!

  • kirah

    so no one even thought of Rupert Grint?????? huh yeah im not interested in the rest sorry.

    • Mia

      My thoughts exactly. No offense berry, but I <3 Rupert Grint.(;

  • vmalnd98

    #4 #9 #12 and #21 yesssss please

  • Mrs.Random

    Only a Ginger can call another Ginger "Ginger"
    Unless you married one :)

    • loo

      Tim Minchin fan?
      You must be awesome.

    • Ginga

      Me and my ex were both gingers. We never called each other by our real names just ging, ginga, and ginger haha so this made me laugh.

  • CourtneyElise

    No Michael C. Hall or Rupert Grint?

  • Keira

    This post makes me happy to be ginger!!!!! ^_^

  • Brandi


  • Ana

    Who is #9?

    • ale

      Mr. Bingley! don´t really know the name of the actor, but in the late move of P&P, did a wonderful Mr. Bingley… ;)… Loved the inclusion of #12…ejje

    • nightlock

      simon woods as mr. bingley in pride and prejudice :)

  • Kat

    Who is #7?

    • jjj

      #7 is Jane Levy. She plays Tessa on the TV show Suburgatory.

  • Kate

    NO! Blake Lively is not a redhead. She is not worthy.

  • Brittany

    where is rupert grint?!!?!?!?!?!

  • Sara

    #25 and #4

    Yummmm… I love me some Fassbender in the morning!

  • denise

    I wish #9 Mr Bingley had gotten more famous/more roles

  • Amanda

    Where are the Weasleys?! :(

    • Sara

      In all fairness, they did include Ginny (Bonnie Wright)… #26.

      But it would have been nice to see Ron and the twins, as well.

  • Abbey

    #6 Love her

    • Tina

      Me too.. Absolutely a beautiful face .. Loved her in crazy stupid love

  • Twin Cities Girl

    #19 Red just does not work with her coloring. I'm so proud to be a ginger! =D

  • Ilona

    Thanks for showing us redheads some love! Moar of #4 and #19 please!

    • Ilona

      oops- meant #21! Blake Lively doesn't count!!

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  • Jasmin

    What about Mr. Alan Tudyk?!

  • sara

    LOVE #3 :D

  • kilove


  • the hop

    what is his name?

  • jesslb293

    Two of Marcia Cross and no Catherine Tate? Makes me a sad little geek. She has to be my favorite ginger of all time.

  • waltgator

    #3 who is she? #6 little bit of ginger heaven

  • Christie

    who is #12? yummmm

  • Debbie

    Who is #26?

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