• Blair86

    All I want for Christmas is #13…and every shoe in that pic ;)…

    • Maren

      Is it me or do those shoes look like they've never been worn?

  • Theresia

    I could live in almost any of these rooms and be just fine with it!

  • Sabrina

    #23 I could sleep there all day

  • Neezie

    #4 JJJ- I'm calling on your awesomeness!!! Can you find the swing in #4???

    • jjj

      #4 is a bubble chair. This one is suspended from its own frame, no chain from the ceiling if you have structural issues, $799. Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair.

      Will look for the chain suspended one now.

    • googleberry

      i did find the chain suspended one and I did post it. It did not show up….😦 some things don't and I don't know why…..

    • googleberry

      http://www.r e g e n c y shop.com/p67/Hanging-Bubble-Chair/product_info.html

      get rid of the spaces in the url … lets see if that works.

  • misschris

    #10 Oooh I love that shower!

  • Jen

    im about to buy my first home and i have SO many projects that i want to do. and this gives me some ideas. too many ideas!!!

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