• emm

    LOL!! First time I saw her on TV for the Olympics I thought she had quite a b*tch face.. AMAZING gymnast but seems like quite a little snob.

    • me2

      That's so funny- that's what I said to my guy-
      "That chick has a bitch face."

  • Jen

    Omg thank you for this, it literally made me LOL

  • Ashli

    hahaha so funny:) thanks, berry girls!

  • Jessica

    haha!! more posts like this, please!

  • nicole

    #4 LOL!!!

  • reeree

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Sade

    #10 I can understand why she isn't impressed.

    • hpuem

      I tried to thumbs up your post but I accidentally hit down. This comment definitely made me LOL heartily:-)

  • Liir

    That's okay, I'm not impressed with #8 either.

    • kirinjirafa

      HA HA HA HA! ITA

  • http://lovepink25.wordpress.com lovepink25

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    Made me laugh

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