• Shelly

    #10 I needed this!!! Today is a new day and I will try harder!!! THANKS BERRY for your MOTIVATION!!!!

  • Heather

    ❤ thanks for posting this all the time! It really does help me get motivated to get healthier! Someday i'll be able to submit a before and after photo!

  • ChrisDG74

    #1 – Tell that to my torn LCL.

    • Colt Shackleford

      Tell your torn LCL the same thing I told the car wreck that gimped my leg.
      FUCK YOU!

      • ChrisDG74

        I do. But, every so often, I get a "no, fuck YOU" right back.

        • googleberry

          But if you keep going with it torn, don't you risk permanent damage??

          • ChrisDG74

            It's not the running that's the issue. It's the sudden change of direction. That's when I feel it.
            One of these days I'll get it fixed. Whenever I feel like dropping the $5k (that's WITH insurance).

  • Kyla

    This page is what gets me up, and running every day!

  • Melissa

    Would love to see some pregnant motivation. It's hard to find these days… 30 weeks and counting.

  • Left Coast Designs

    I've actually tried the kiwi daiquiris from that article…delish! Thanks for the motivation! It helps me get to the gym every morning!

  • Brit

    #15 I love this, and I think it's so right. The little things that make us different and unique are what make us beautiful, otherwise everyone would look the same, the perceived "perfect".

  • LoBugg

    #10 I'd do yoga with that view!!:)

  • ssoph

    thank you berry for the daily motivation… you are only ones who are keeping me motivated in losing weight! thank you!!!!!

  • http://www.beachbodycoach.com/sarahk2012 Sarah K

    #16 nice work!!!

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