More random things I don’t need but kinda want: GEEK edition (25 photos)

Click HERE for more stuff I want!

  • Seldi84

    #9 #12 #13 I want them so hard.
    #14 Great idea.
    #17 I need this for my dvd collection, the amount of times i forget who's borrowed what.

  • marnie

    Okay, Is it just me or do YouLOVE the personal library kit?

    I would like to use it on my clothes and shoes instead of books.:)

    That would really suprise my friends..

  • Courtney


    Haha, I just had to go to the source and buy this. I already have a checkout system for my movies, clothes and shoes, but this is perfect. According to my friends and family, I am anal and controlling (I suppose they're right) but obviously there are others out there like me. Yay!

  • krisbenson

    #17 My nerd is showing. Cause I totally want this!!!

  • Sara

    I want so many of these things!!! But I do have #2 already. It's awesome!

  • mai

    I have #13

  • Lisa

    #5 & #24 make my inner Princess Leia happy. #21 is just awesome. You can take them apart like tetris blocks. An infinite number of options. :) Cool. 😉

  • doerteee

    I have #9:) got it at Legoland a couple of years ago.

  • Cool

    #16 first time I have ever had something on the list

  • d.casas

    I think you can find the personal library kit at, they have so many awesome things, very berry worthy

  • bloomfever2002

    #24 I want!

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