• krisbenson

    Whoever said orange was the new pink was was seriously disturbed. -Elle Woods, Legally Blond

    • Nana

      Hahahahaha. Love that movie. Some of these items are cute. But for some reason I can't bring myself to wear orange. Perhaps because our college football rivals wear burnt orange. Ew.

      • krisbenson

        Lol, same here. Both my high school and college rivals were both orange. Are you a TAMU Aggie?

        Though minus the burnt orange, the color is slowly (very) growing on me.

        • longcoolwoman

          I'm an Ag, too! I didn't own one thing that was orange all through college. After graduating, orangey colors have been slowly growing on me, too. Like tangerine. Want all the things. I will probably never like burnt orange, though😉

          • Nana

            Guilty. I am a Texas A&M Aggie:) I agree with both of you. I think I could grow to like shades of orange, but I don't see me liking the burnt shade any time soon.

  • Jemima

    I wear orange on my nails only. I love it:)

  • LoBugg

    #11 I love orange!:)

  • peach10964

    Yay for orange! It's the color of Multiple Sclerosis awareness!

  • Sade

    I don't like orange clothing much but I love #13

  • doerteee

    Orange is my boyfriend's favorite color lol:) that makes me glad it works with my skin tone.

  • Lucy B

    #11 Love the color combo

  • misschris

    #24 What a cute skirt! Is it shorts underneath? I love those.

  • Leah

    Love love love orange!!!

  • Zuul

    Weirdly all i could think about was tic tacs

  • kirinjirafa

    #13 so classy

  • kate**

    love #18.
    anyone know where to get it?

  • chivette619

    #9 looks like an adult Dora the Explorer

    #16 That dress is gorgeous!

  • megaliz

    where can I get #16??

  • Megan_

    Where can I find #23?

    • Kitty

      June by Chanel. You can get at any Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or Macy's

    • googleberry

      I had a hard time trying to find it at Nordstrom's, Neiman Marcus and Macy's websites. Found a few on ebay. It is a limited edition polish. $32.99 + $4.00 to the US.


  • Kitty

    Love #1 and #14

  • haley

    where can i find #17?

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