Afternoon eye candy: Find him! (29 photos)

Berries! You requested 'Find Him!' for lots of fellas on the site. I've compiled another list of said men, but I need your help. If you know anything about who these guys are, sound off in the comments!
BERRY love,

Hey! If you know someone (and by someone I mean your boyfriend or friend) that is ‘Hot men of theBERRY’ worthy… get your hands on a pic of them and send it in! Click SUBMIT or mail to theberrysubmit[at]



  • JennyChive


  • samanthalin88

    #2 #6 #8 #11 #12. Find all the men!!

  • Angie

    Hey, #8 I've ridden all my life😉

  • summer

    26 plox :3

  • Butterfly Kisses

    #2 #5 #18 Keep up the good work!😉

  • rocklesson86

    Why can't we find all of them?

  • 817-chivette

    FIND #2!!!!!! Good god please!!!!

  • sasha

    mateus verdelho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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