Wasn't there a workout clothes post a while ago? Either way, can we get another one?

  • megaliz

    #8, I was always the type of girl to work out in big t-shirts and random shorts. I'm going to buy some 'real' work out clothing soon and I'm SO excited. I think it really makes the difference to go out and actually get it done.

  • Abby

    #15 – What / where is that top available

    • googleberry

      It is a Lululemon No Limits tank top. $64 on lululemon.com. Not available in all sizes or in the pink/grey shown here.


      found one on ebay in pink/grey in size 6(?).

      if that isn't what you need, keep searching ebay for " lululemon no limits ". 😀

      • Fin

        I absolutely love it, but I'm not a big fan of the price.:) I might try to make myself something similar though as it's quite adorable!

        • googleberry

          Yay! a berry who sews! I think the front blousons a bit much…I was surprised when I saw that. but I'm sure you'll make something awesome! 😀

      • socalmarti

        you changed your name!!!!!❤❤❤ !!!!

        • googleberry

          yes, and my gravatar, too! 😀 love you berries! ❤

  • Emily

    #14…adorable!! What a great way to end the race!!

  • socalmarti


  • Lace

    #12 So making this a part of my routine!!

  • Elvy

    Just what exactly information sites intended for governmental criticism will you endorse us to see?

  • DanaRose

    I love getting motivated each morning todo and become the best version of myself! The berry has become apart of my routine!

  • boxergirl

    #14 is pretty much my dream proposal!

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