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    #1 hahaha I love knowing that she used to live just 10 minutes from me.
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  • Tigerlily

    Pollution, thats all these shows are. I did not even look at the post, just thought Id say that. I thought TheBerry had more class than this.

    • AstroMikeDexter

      Pollution? No. Car crash mentality? yes. The Berry knows that people watch these shows, and their posts reflect that. No harm in a little fun, if you don't like it, just move along. Easy.

      You could even say that by posting it on here it saves actually watching it.. I don't watch the show but I enjoyed this. Keep it up Berry!

  • Jenni

    #11 had me rofl! I am dieing! lol

  • misschris

    It still blows my mind that classless, obnoxious, trashy women get their own TV shows specifically for being classless, obnoxious, trashy women.

  • OG-wins

    Ladies, chill out! THIS is mental junkfood! THIS is that accident that you watch on the highway while going home. THIS is what you're thankful you don't have to live through! I enjoyed the pictures and love the shows!:)

    #1 She is crazy though…

  • Jag

    #32 wow.. that is all

  • taxguy327

    #21 Lauren Manzo is such a whiner… Whaaaaaaaaa, my brothers don't love me. Whaaaaaaa, Christopher picks on me…….. Whaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaa when is Vito gonna propose to me? Vito, dude, if you see this… RUN for your life.

  • Calamine

    #23 is seriously deranged

  • Alex

    Ewwwwwwww #11 & #20
    Romona & Vicki are just awful!😦

    -But i love gretchen!:)

  • Kate

    A Mega Post of women who are Mega – F'ed Up! Haha I enjoy watching their train wrecks that they call their lives.

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