• http://www.pacharms.com/ Tennille Gorham

    for more motivation!

  • fin

    AWESOME #16! Keep up THAT good work!

    • Wisti

      whoever the girl is that gets you is very very lucky…

  • JeepGirl

    Wohoooooooo!!!!!! Gettin my sneakers ready!

  • redheadchivette

    #13 I want!!
    #16 I want also… Great job though! You look fantastic.

  • Pat

    #13 the cool tanks of HipFit!

  • HotMomma

    #16 Great job!

  • notanuptowngirl

    #16 Berry FIND HIM!!!!! then deliver him straight to me!

  • Katie O

    #16 berry you? yes! Marry you? hells yes!!!:)

  • Food Porn

    #7 mmmmmm…under-ripe strawberries and a thick slice of plain white bread. I can almost taste it. My mouth is literally not watering right now. And is that Splenda or Stevia? Either way, you're torturing me with the over-indulgence.

    • googleberry

      yup… all carbs. Need protein….

  • Anonymous

    #13 i want those tank tops!!!!

  • googleberry
  • -B-

    Was not expecting to see my picture at the bottom of this thread. Thanks for the post!:)

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