• Chels



    • dkellyb

      If this is true, then why doesn't anyone ever tell us this??? I can't believe it's true, someone would have told us, right….?

      • dkellyb

        Ahha! This threw me for such a loop I stopped thinking clearly. I am actually now wearing bobby pins with a curve so they follow the shape of your scalp, and the curve is actually so that they have to be worn in the way that would be "wrong" according to that pic.

        Therefor I shall now claim the info in this picture is false! (or the company that made my pins didn't know how they worked either….)

    • Technician

      When I went to do pictures of my friends wedding, they were all getting their hair done in updos… the WORKERS AT THE SALON were putting the pins in, according to this picture, the wrong way. I have a hard time believe that professionals who are trained to do hair would do it wrong too… right? Right? (Also, I to have curved bobby pins and according to this picture they would have been made wrong because the short end is up on all of them. So… yeah…

      • Kayla

        I'v always worn mine "the right way" according to the picture (and I wear bobby pins almost every day), because I find it a lot more secure. I am very active and find they come loose more when I use them "the way everyone does it."

        • Sara

          Plus then you don't have that little part sticking up. Am I allowed to boast about the fact that I've been wearing them the "right" way?

  • Emma



  • JOHN

    #11 the problem is where do you get blue bottles?

    • JESSE

      ya go out with a mormon girl! ba dum (snare)

      • amanda

        hahaha nice.

        • Christa

          From a craft store like hobby lobby or you could use a vodka bottle after you've finished all the alcohol. Haha

    • Technician

      Bud Light Platinum bottles are cobalt blue. The more you know.:)

    • googleberry

      Hi. I remembered this post and found this DIY about tinting bottles. It looks really easy. You can tint them any color you want using this technique. Hope this helps.


  • Jemima

    # so cute!

    • Jemima


      • aVulgarSquirrel

        It's funny, growing older turns people's reactions from "*facepalm* idiot" into a more sympathetic, but patronising, "aww bless"

  • Technician

    #3 I got a set of these when I was a little kid. My mother still has them! (Along with an ALF doll, Strawberry shortcake doll and my whole collection of My Little Pony, a Puffalump and Gizmo doll that says "Mogwi" when you squeeze it's tummy). My mother must have known all of this stuff was going to come back around. Smart lady, I say.:)

  • PicklesMcGee

    #18 is awesome.

    • googleberry

      my mom did the "oh look! a banana!" the other day… soooo funny!

  • Jenny


    What?! No. How? Someone explain!!!

    • Laa

      mind blown. confusion everywhere.

    • googleberry

      oh no…. i'm doing EVERYTHING wrong!

  • Alison

    #29 awww heartmelt.

  • misschris

    #2 So pretty! Really well done!

  • Carly

    #39 MOAR

  • Abbey

    #25 #26 These pics make me so happy !! I missed the Spice Girls:) #31 He's so sexy❤

  • May

    #25 I love Victoria Beckham. If McKayla Maroney is the Bitchface Representative of the U.S., Beckham is definitely the U.K.'s.


    # 35 WHOA….I'm wearing a bobby pin today and i just switched to the "right way". Mind = blown. It's so much more secure this way! My whole world view is at stake here!

  • Allison

    #35, Both ways are incorrect. They are supposed to be inserted grin to back so they are hidden! But people should just wear them however is most comfy.:)

    • Technician

      I agree… comfy is best. I did however try them the "right way" and while some say they seem more secure, they feel the same to me. Then again, I have very thick hair, so to me it doesn't make much of a difference.

  • BritBerrier

    #39 awww you're cute!

  • SugarSkull

    #35 I knew it!
    #25 wow Victoria really doesn't smile. Ever😐

  • Mel

    #25 #26
    Victoria Beckham is not impressed.

    • Technician

      Victoria Beckham is too busy trying to be "Posh" to have fun!

  • Catzb

    #31 totally erased everything for me..WWOOOWWW

    • Paige

      Mmmm yes Tyler Hoechlin… Berry needs to do a master post about this babe.

  • Kal

    #17 She is beyond adorable!

  • Calamine

    #25 #26 .. Victoria needs to realise she is not a bloody mannequin !!!!!

    • googleberry

      yeah…what is up with her. I read her explanation about not smiling, and I still just don't get it. Is she trying to avoid wrinkles??? She should be the happiest girl in the world, but you'd never know it.

  • JPride

    #18 Where can I find a shirt like this?

  • Alison

    #24 I was there today! Milan, Italy.

  • trucka

    #39 want

  • Noel

    #31 Ummm….next hmotb please?? B/c my brain just shut off there for a second:)

    • nicole

      This is my friend tanner's older brother. So many times ive wanted to run over and kiss his face!

  • _alexa_

    #35 I DO WHAT I WANT.

    If it is true, I suck at being a girl😦

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