• Beena

    Looks like a pretty awesome idea, I'd love that for just relaxing about the house, never to be seen by other people though!

    • cute

      same.. wish they'd say where they were from, though!

      • Beena


      • googleberry

        they have been sourcing more, though and yay for that! 😀
        i emailed them about helping and they said they weren't hiring. so sad…😦

        i'll help when i can, though.😀

    • BeeCee

      It's a Boe suit

      • Beena

        You rock! Thanks

        • BeeCee

          Super welcome!

  • megaliz

    #2.. EW wtf?? I just gagged

  • amanda

    #2 was feeling great but this one definitely kicked in my morning sickness. Thanks berry:) ewwww.

    • Technician

      I was also feeling great… then the squeezy bacon said "Hey pregnant lady… puke on this"… so I had no choice cause that is gross.

  • Suzy Renee

    #10 Looks like a sad smores prison.

  • Technician

    #6 I've asked this on other posts but will someone PLEASE explain to me what is so "it" with mustaches please. I see them everywhere and I just don't get it. Since when are mustaches the greatest fashion accessory?

    • Jables

      i believe it's a hipster thing… not entirely sure why and on women i say it looks silly… i'd do it temporarily if i was drunk and goofing around but wouldn't wear them/ get a tat of them out of choice… it's probably just another crazy phase these young people go through to be cool and individual although it does the opposite…:)

    • notfornothing1

      it's "ironic" because mustaches look weird and everybody knows it, so hipsters (because they are so far outside of the norm) wear and brag about their mustaches. its supposed to be quirky.

      • Technician

        Of course it's a hipster thing. LOL. I guess I should just apply this to all things that don't makes sense: If it doesn't makes sense, it was probably made popular by hipsters. Thanks for the explanation!

        • Theresia

          I'm no hipster, I just think they are funny.. Fun and silly..

  • MrsBuck

    I don't know…there were some pretty good ones this time around:) i know there's a couple i would buy…
    #3 #9 #16:)

  • Dollface

    I love #7! Its purdy bad ass!:)

  • Tigerlily

    #1, #2. and #3 are must haves.

  • Nickey J

    <img src="http://www.goldstoressite.com/shop/listz/fx.jpg"&gt; #1 am i missing something here? what's the point of this pic?<img src="http://www.goldstoressite.com/shop/listz/xn.jpg"&gt;

  • Superman

    #22 where can I get this!

  • googleberry

    i'd find it for you, but i'm on strike.

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  • WhoaMama

    I SO WANT #16!!!!

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