• Anonymous

    #8 I’ve heard voices and seen things I can’t explain, but there was one incident that I found really creepy. In high school I was a receptionist in a office that used to be a convent. One night I was all alone in the building and all the doors were locked so there was no chance that there was anyone else there. I was sitting doing my homework and heard what sounded like a loud cough from an older woman right behind me, seconds later I heard someone walking down the hall. A few weeks later I told my cousin (who also worked there) about what I heard and he said he heard the same thing about a week after I did.

  • Andrea_9

    #8 Yes.. But I feel more comfortable emailing u ladies at the BERRY the story.

  • JustGoWithIt

    #8 Yeah, have a few ghost stories I don't want to share.
    #31 Suure test away

  • kim

    The Pike Place Market in Seattle is haunted by some friendly ghosts. I use to work in a little French restaurant and our storage was three stories down. More than once, I would walk back to the elevator after getting supplies and the elevator would open for me. I didn't push any buttons, no one else was around. I know people that have worked in any of the shops/restaurants have similar stories about the ghosts of Pike Place. Courteous ghosts.

  • brena

    #4 stay strong, keep calm. #15 hope my bf takes me next…haha and #27 thats wat boyfriends r for!!

  • SJA

    My temporary roommates house is definitely haunted! He (I named the ghost Billy) turns on the heat, kicks the a/c to the highest temperature, opens closets, pushes the soap off the tub, flips the sponge on the sink. My cats collar also is missing. I'd swear it was Billy playing games on me.. I have looked high and low, even places I knew the cat couldn't fit!

  • buell

    #8 Yes, I do believe because of my experience. Robinson's Drugstore, in Cross Lanes, WV, had 2 apartments on top and two underneath that they rented out. I was renting a bottom apartment. I had been living there for about 3 months when one morning I woke up, turned over and shut off the alarm clock and then looked through my bedroom door straight into my kitchen. Standing in my kitchen was a man who was staring right at me. He was tall, thin and had a beard. He had a grey hat on his head and his suit style was very old-fashioned, like something in the late 1800's early 1900's. It too was a dark color and I can even remember he had a tie on. I sat up in bed and shut my eyes and started screaming like a banshee. When I opened my eyes, he was gone. He wasn't wispy, or see-through… he was solid, to the point I crept out of bed thinking that he was an intruder. But after I thought a few minutes about what kind of clothes he had on, I knew I had seen a ghost. I moved out of that place a few months later, and to this day I am scared to death that I am going to wake up and see him again, just standing there staring at me.

  • mid13

    #8 I've always believed in ghosts and thought my house was haunted. Just always finding things in different places, random cold drafts, shadows, seeing people in the corner of my eye, and the sense that someone is watching me. We've debunked many things like doors swinging, although the floor creeks more than it should. Nothing too scary until a few months ago. I was walking into another room really late at night and as I approached the doorway there was a growl directly in front of me. The sound was level with my face. I just shook it off and kept going, but I'm still terrified by it.
    Another story..I just moved into my dorm room in January And i felt uneasy in my room. my 2nd night there, I woke up in the middle of the night with a pressure on my chest. Couldn't scream, couldn't move, nothing. Never had this happened to me before. Talked to the girl who had the room before me. She had the same thing happen to her, again, only in that room. Never before or after. Needless to say, I said my prayers and wore my scapular from then on.

  • Candy

    #8 Yes. It actually happened in March
    I live in this apartment and my window faces a hill out back. It goes straight up and continues to the neighbors yard. Even in the dark you can see everything on it and its really steep so you cant just walk up on it, you kinda have to climb. Plus its full of dead plants so if one does decide to climb this hill, everyone in the apartment knows because it sounds as if you're rolling over a forest with a tank.

    Anyway, I'm usually dead to the world once I fall asleep. But one night, I woke up feeling weird and cold. You know that feeling you get right before you get the chills? Its like this sudden tension in the back of your neck? Well I got that but for a while. My clock said it was exactly 3 am and I was way too cold. So I got up to turn the fan off. I guess I was still tired, because it didnt occur to me that I couldnt hear my fan until I reached it and tried to turn it off. I remember thinking 'Fan is off. Why does my mom keep turning the fan off?"

    But it was cold so I went to close the window. The window wasnt open. But my curtains were. I looked outside and saw a dude just standing there. Was flat and black. Not like a person, but like a cutout. He was wearing a long coat and a black hat and was staring directly at me. He reached up and touched his hat. I ran to my living room to get a better look (which is a 3 second run) and he was gone. There was no way he could have gone anywhere that fast without me seeing or hearing him. Still scares the poop out of me.

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