• Katie O

    aww all of these brought back memories of me and my girlfriends!

  • justlilolme

    #33 my friends and I use to pick out which one we were

  • natalie

    huge like! love those movies<3

  • Kyla B

    Where's Grease?

    • Megan

      I was thinking the same thing!!

    • Kasie

      I know! Grease should be #1! lol

  • Claudette

    How could you FORGET the PINK LADIES!!!!! Grease is a GREAT movie…

  • April C

    #11 Yessssss!

    • http://twitter.com/resullins @resullins

      That's one of my favorite movies EVER!

  • Jag

    Sex and the city ladies???

  • annabel

    the craft?

  • Twinkle

    Golden girls??

  • Johnny T

    whoa whoa whoa – famous girl groups that dont include golden girls, sex and the city OR jem and the holograms?

  • jennifer

    #28 What a great movie!!!!

  • fer cyccone

    Great list, but you forgot :

    sex and the city girls

    to wong foo thanks for everything Julie Newmar "girls"

    priscilla queen of the desert "girls"

    the craft "girls"

    legally blond girls…

    As for the golden girls, they are from a tv show, so we need a post especially for tv shows girl groups.

  • vanessa

    i just love georgia!

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #3 ftr! kat dennings & emma stone! a boy can only dream!

  • Paranoid Android

    #1, #11, #16 = Awesome!
    #20, The Hairy Bird, easily one of my favourite movies!

    • Taylor

      #20 is like one of my faves!

  • Roszell

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  • Jenny

    Gawd, I'm old. I knew like, 2 of these movies. Where are the Pink Ladies, yo? Charlie's Angels?

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