• crustybubblechunks

    So that was a gallery of the exact same face made over and over again?

  • monica

    I just❤ them

  • sloane

    Why do they never smile with their teeth?

    • Bit312

      Okay so it's just me that felt like I was looking at a post of Kristen Stewart…

    • halley

      they smile with their eyes. simply stunning

  • Barb

    Duckface overload!! GAHHH!!

  • Christa

    Look at #28… how short are these women?! Or…. how tall is that man in the background?

  • domo

    love they style

  • Britt

    They were doing 'hipster', before it was cool. Lol

    • fer cyccone

      Actually, they created hipster style…as soon as it became mainstream (with the hip-chic movement) they went goth-high end hobo, when that style became IT among the Manhattan trash, they changed for flamboi… how DA' hell do i know this crap…

  • Nana

    I wish they didn't purse their lips so much but I gotta say I do love their style.

  • Emily

    Imagine the size of their closets.

  • WisGal_KCCO

    And this Duckface Award goes to……

    What happened to them? I used to love them as kids. Now they're just… sad to look at.

  • Jess

    Sometimes they look a little odd, but #18 and #19 are stunning!

  • Debbz

    That's actually the most positive gallery of them I've ever seen of them. They actually look great!

  • Claire

    Thank god they stopped dressing like homeless people. They've come a long way!

  • hank1231

    They look very….old here

  • Sara


    I absolutely LOVE this look… and I have no idea why.

  • Garasha

    Novices at blogging and site-building. How could i make certain nobody gains the record visuals as well as textual content?

    • magnifyer

      "nobody gains the record visuals as well as textual content?" … what does that even mean Garasha? What the eff is "gaining the record visuals?"

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