• TylerG_76

    #16 #19 Perfect! Enjoying all of this love for the Doctor. 😀

  • JJL

    Do we know the artist's name?

  • katie

    #7 is anyone else as impressed as I am that he stuck the landing? maybe i spent to much time watching the olympics…

  • Noel

    #16 *shrieks, jumps up and down, shrieks some more* YES YES YES!!! And yes to your question too

  • PicklesMcGee

    holy shit that's incredible. #3

  • Emily

    #3 OMG. That's some amazing shiz.
    #20 Some people are just too talented by far.

  • Technician

    #3 Total Art Boner! So amazing. Anyone know the artist?

  • Technician

    #22 Awesome! Just once, I'd love to see, IN PERSON, someone who could actually do Parkour. I live in a college town where there is always a group of guys who think they know something. A friend and I watched this one group do… their version of Parkour while we had lunch. Let me just say there were a lot of bloody noses, face plants, awkward somersaults and fails. One guy was just running and jumping around. No joke. We got a good laugh with lunch though.:)

  • Littlet

    – loved it!

  • Sarah

    #19 – I'm sorry, I know I'm missing something, but I can't place it. What is with all the police public call boxes?

    • Katie

      It is the TARDIS!! It's from Doctor Who:)

  • Tiggerwitch

    #1 – Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Is that made out of sand? or what medium? It is incredible!! I love it. :)

  • brena

    feels like i should send art to the berry…😀 love it all especially #20

  • TerdFurguson

    #3 #20 pen and cross hatching….my favorite style!

  • hottimasprime

    I have just painted my bathroom TARDIS blue, might have to try this! #19

  • justlilolme

    #11 where is this? this is so awesome

    • justlilolme

      WOOPS! I meant #8

      • googleberry

        Sunsurfer, rooftop pool, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

  • googleberry

    #3 is by artist Joe Fenton.

  • googleberry

    #20 is by artist sarsar or sarsqr from what I see on this blog. very nice work, too.

  • lani_berry

    #3 How amazing! That Fenton is one talented guy. He must truly love art if he takes the time to draw something so detailed.

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