• brena

    F*&$k ya superheroes!!!:)

  • Cee

    Berry, you were reading my mind

  • skyfireCO

    so.. when is the Hawkeye movie happening?? #9

    • googleberry

      to be announced 2014.

      • skyfireCO

        Fuck ya! Thanks!!:)

        • googleberry

          i hope you mean "F*ck yeah! " cuz it sounds like you're telling me to f myself when you say "ya"😀

          • skyfireCO

            If that were the case I would have said "you"… ya and yeah are used interchangeably where I'm from.. so yes, F*ck yeah

  • t_riff

    #5 = yummy and I saw today that #8 is working on the new Wolverine movie! Exciting

  • LeynaRina

    Where's Christian Bale?!

    • Hepburn3

      YES!!! Where is Christian Bale??!!!

  • Sam


    Best Spidy Ever!!!

  • denise

    Where is Christian Bale and the new superman, Henry Cavil ?

  • jami

    can not wait for Thor 2!!!

  • nessipoo

    Yay! A return of Chris Evans to theBerry:)❤ #5 Thank you!!!

  • http://www.foodsnobsquared.com Fifth

    Can we have super villains tomorrow so I can have more Tom Hiddleston?

  • Sarah

    I know it wasn't the movies, but what about all of the hot guys from Smallville? Tom Welling, Justin Hartley, Michael Rosenbaum (although he was a villain…)??

  • lani_berry

    I don't remember Hawkeye being super. I thought he was just a highly trained assassin??

    • nessipoo

      He's super hot in the Avenger's movie … that's close enough:)

      • lani_berry

        Excellent point. Lol.

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