Take a look inside Taylor Swift’s new beachfront home (11 photos)

Miss Swift bought a house close to her new beau in Cape Cod. The home was originally listed at $13.5 million but she paid millions less. She bought the place at $4.9 million which includes 7-bedrooms and 5.5-bathrooms.

Click HERE to see Taylor Swift’s Nashville, TN home.

  • Claire

    Yes! Welcome to the cape swifty!

  • MOAR

    I'm sure she'll redo the interior to resemble a doily.

  • Mallory

    What could she possibly do with seven bedrooms??

  • Jess

    "One of these things is not like the other"…. Pic #4 doesn't look like it belongs ??

  • Sarah

    Some people have way too much money.

  • Dani

    I love when I save millions when i buy a new home too…

  • Darvulia

    Too granie-ish for my taste, with all due respect.

  • linda

    dam is she getting ready to retire

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