• megaliz

    jeez……. most of these people have really gone down hill. ask someone who wants to be famous why they want to be, it's for ignorant selfish reasons. who would want to live like that

    • lukitas

      WHY U NO PUT NAMES?? i only them by Disney character names!!!

  • Theresia

    #12 I loved loved loved Kids Incorporated! Mario Lopez was on that show, too. He made me swoon back then!

  • Claire

    #6 I see you've chosen another face…

    • las

      she has to get her nose reconstructed due to a breathing problem? who are you going to rag on next? Demi Lavato?

      • Jess

        Lol… surgery for a deviated septum would only change the outside appearance of the nose marginally, if at all. That excuse doesn't hold water.

  • PicklesMcGee

    I didn't know #3 was a disney kid! I think I love him even more now❤😀

    • fakejewproblems

      Oh he was! The only one who didn't end up a hot mess (minus JT of course)

  • Technician

    Hmm… so… none of the female Disney stars were ever taught to wear a bra?

  • punkie panda

    omg some of that really just flat out scared me

  • notfornothing1

    are #2 and #3 from the same picture? hah

    • Breezie

      They were both in the Micky Mouse Club.

  • May


  • star

    #16 I loved JC then and I still do!!!!

  • Alex

    #7 & #9 = LOVE Them!!😀

    #13 = disappointment

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