#24 Squeeeeeeee! Polka dots make me so happy!

  • Dreagee

    I love all of these:)

  • longcoolwoman

    these are all great! especially like #1 and #20

  • misschris

    #3 #7 #14 My favs! Good work ladies! I'm a chronic nail biter so I've never had nails to paint – your pretty nail art gives me inspiration to try to grow some!

  • Brit

    Lovvvve #11. Want.

    • Carolina

      Thanks! That's my hand! It was super fun and I am so excited that it made it on THEBERRY!

  • CourtneyElise

    So many ideas to take to my nail guru! lolol

  • Cassy

    #23 that explains a whole lot!!!

  • BreBerry

    Very Cool Post!! So many ideas to try!

  • rcd86

    #8 #11
    PLEASE HELP! why is everyone painting their ring finger a different color?! the people i've asked say "cuz i saw someone else do it"… but is there a reason? like i'm taken/single?

    • Bonchikeee

      For my Wedding Day, my manicurist painted my ring finger nail differently because she said it will "enhance" the ring finger in pictures. Not sure if this is why the other gals did it, but that is why I did.

  • Kitty

    No reason in particular. Its just the style, I like painting my ring finger a different color rather than the index or middle finger. I just depends on the persons preference.

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