• Melanie

    #1 It looks like there is a fart bubble in this picture. LOL

    • Christie

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Emily


  • Lauren

    Who is 6 and 8? I can't tell.

    • Nessa

      6 is still Ashley Greene. No idea who 8 is.

  • Nik

    Is this the celeb rundown of the day ?

  • Maren

    #3 What is she advertising? I can't see the brand name on the box! What kind of advertising madness is this?

    • Rachel

      Its 'shoemint' I could just read it on the box then checked out the website =)

    • socalmarti

      It's shoemint, the only time I tried to get shoes on there it was a complete fail!

  • Catman

    Are they still celebrities when you have no idea who they are?

    • B.elle

      Forget the celebrities… Are they still ads when you have no idea what they're advertising?

  • MiaulwRafael

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  • Toni

    #7 is way hot!

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