• Sara

    #20… Yep. That's the stuff.

    • dkellyb

      Yup. Only thing that actually looks decent, IMO. And by thing I'm referring to the outfit, because the guys are the only reason some of the stuff on here looks somewhat decent..

  • katy

    can we ixnay the skinny jeans/pants trend on guys? i'd like my guys junk to be able to breath, not be stuffed in a pair of pants. kthanks.

  • Tiggerwitch

    #9 – LOL!! Hell yeah… but they'd still look pretty damn good in some of these outfits! :)

  • Chivette

    Finally, a "stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear" post that doesn't contain short shorts for men!

  • Dollface

    i must be weIrd cause there Is nothIng on herI that I want my husband to wear! dont get me wrong they look nIce but just not my style I guess!

  • socalmarti

    #9 uuummm…. Yeah!!!! #11!!!!

  • BobbyKong

    #7 Those are pretty nice kicks, have a pair that are similar.

    #18 I've been looking for a jacket similar to this for a while….hard to find stuff that doesn't look billowy/loose fitting because of my dumb broad shoulders.

    • googleberry

      In what way are "broad shoulders" ever dumb? Me likey broad shoulders…

      And you can take it to a tailor who works in leather and they can take it in a bit.

      • BobbyKong

        When you're stuck in the middle seat on a flight with your equally broad shouldered brother and father….yeah they're dumb

        • googleberry

          now THAT is a great visual…. too funny!

  • Kasey

    #20 – oh my gosh. yuuuum.

  • rcd86

    #18 and #20 yes please!

  • Metal_Petals

    These guys look great. I think my gay best friend looks way better in this stuff tho than my man. Tee & jeans is sexy to me.

  • Kristen

    I adore #2! So playful and blond. Berry Me!!!

  • Asolare

    #12 is a fabulously pretty watch and reminds me I should be working instead of drooling

  • beef

    #13 what the hell is wrong with his lip?

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #12 #14 i need those in me life!!! where can i get them?!?!

    • deptms

      I second the shoes, where can i find them?

    • VeniceBB

      The Watch is a Panerai. Its the Luminor Base model. I liked it till i saw it was $5k

  • ayla_von_brandt

    #7 I like a lot:)

  • Nickey J
  • Claire

    My Bf would never wear any of this.

  • bkibbs

    I send this to my girlfriend from time to time, and here's the response I get most of the time: nope, nope, no, he's pretty, no, no, maybe, definitely no, he's pretty.

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  • rocklesson86

    Yeah OK.

  • Matt

    #21, those shoes!!! Where are they from?

  • vivicica

    #2 and #20 are very cute.. But #22, the hankie is only cute till you get a cold and then it's just gross :S

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