• HotMomma

    #20 These two beautiful babies stole my heart. Can we find out more about them and if they are doing okay? My prayers are with you and your families little angels.

  • MuffinTopper

    #22 lol
    #27 which reminds me

  • freebird5

    #25 VOLLEYBALL!!

  • rach

    #8 oooh wow!

    #16 Good shirt choice!

  • pheephee

    #24, the moment you scrolling through the Berry Break and realizing that is your highschool friend!Crazy , GO Adam

  • misschris

    #11 She freaks me right out
    #18 I don't even know where to begin with this..

  • mosa

    The babies seems to be preterm and are on respiratory support. They are preterm and not deformed, the air way is pressing on their face thats all. Miracles do happen and our prayers are with you.

  • guest

    Not "Robin"! He's Night Wing! Come on people

  • caroline willoughby

    #20 reminds me of 2008 ………….. my grandaughter was born at 24 weeks weighing just 2 lb 6 oz , we were told to expect health and/or mental issues. She's now 4, about to start school and a very healthy and intelligent little girl with so much energy it amazes us. Miracles do happen and I dearly hope these 2 little poppets thrive x x x

  • man air max bw

    What is the website that make it east to understand sites and also podcasts? I wouldn’t present an mp3 player, really does the fact that question?

  • Darcy

    #37 Where's Hawaii??

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