• bamboo

    who is #14? what a tiny little baby!

    • loo

      Liam Hemsworth. Tiny baby made to look even smaller by a massive man.

      • Laura

        Chris Hemsworth

  • loo

    #11 The kids faces are priceless

    • Me.

      Great dads. Loved their interview with Oprah and her realisation that their are no accidental kids with gay couples, they have to be really wanted. Neil and David love dressing the kids up. It's like embarrassing childhood pics except the world gets to see them:)

      • Me.

        *there are instead of their are *wishes I could edit*

  • Me.

    #1 Him? Hopefully the apple will fall far from the tree.

    • Me.

      Wow that's a lot of downvotes. I know the past is the past and people can change but I find his criminal convictions to be off-putting. I just hope the kid goes down a better path.

  • Devan

    Oh sweet Jesus #11 is so freaking cute I can't even get over it

  • lilolme

    he looks like he's holding a sandwich lol #13

    • lilolme

      woopsie I meant #14 haha

  • ANON

    who is #25?!

    • Missy

      Tom Brady

  • Ashley

    #9 is Tahj Mowry and that is his nephew….

  • AllyU

    #11 is the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

  • Linda

    #24 She looks just like her mother!

  • rocklesson86

    It is very sexy to see man with his children.

  • Anonymous

    #13. And #20. Yesss please?!?!?

  • sarah

    #25 Adorable, Tom Brady!

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