• Candy

    #12 Congratulations. Its a hard thing to do. You deserve to be proud. Not everyone can do it on their own (if at all) and its something that changes you permanently. So even though I don't know you and probably never will, I'm proud of you.

  • Theresia

    #12 Congratulations indeed. You are a very strong person to have overcome alone and in silence. Prayers for you that you continue on in a healthy life.

  • Sam


    It takes a lot of strength to overcome an eating disorder, and you managed to do it all alone. I applaud your hard work and will power and I hope you continue down this road to a happier, healthier you.❤

  • Katie

    #1 I really don't think it's peer pressure
    They are great books(well at least twilight and hunger games the girl with the dragon tatoo didn't interest me) they're the best books I have ever read specially the hunger games if you like reading you should try they gave me fellings that I haven't had in a long time.:)

    • Kator

      Who the hell puts Twilight in with those two other series????? I haven't read The Hunger Games, but Twilight is utter garbage. Stieg Larsson is an excellent writer and the Millennium series is fantastically written. Unlike Twilight, it was written by somebody competent. It offends me greatly as an ardent reader of books that those are paired together. Is the original Star Wars series bad? Are the Lord of the Rings books/movies bad? Game of Thrones? The Beatles? Pink Floyd? Sometimes things are popular because they're actually good. This is a douche bag hipster photo.

  • Frenchgirl

    #1 good on you! i apply the same rule, but i would had "50 shades…"

    • PicklesMcGee

      Agreed on the 50 Shades. Def only read it cause "everyone else was" aaaand it was pretty much a total waste of time. I can only read "oh baby oh baby" so many times before I feel my IQ slipping away.

      • Tara

        THANK YOU! I couldn't get past the first couple of chapters. Awful book!

        • Annonymouse

          15 pages was it for me. That has got to be some of the worst writing I have ever tried to read. I will read almost anything, but the 50 Shades stuff? Crap.

          • lisa

            Yep, that's about as far as I got. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about, and I'm all for reading something sexy, but it was SO cheesy!

  • Rachel

    #12 is a truly special person. Conquering it, and being able to admit you did must be an amazing feeling.

  • ich

    #3 touched me. searching for love all over the world…

  • Anonymous

    #12 Congratulations to an amazing human being. You’re strong and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Carrie

    #12 – Congratulations. Overcoming something like that on your own must have been very difficult, and yet you did it😉

  • Brit

    #12: I am SO Proud of you! You have made a move that most are too scared to make! Keep it up!

  • dddd

    First off, congratulations to #12. Now, #1 I feel sorry for people like you who miss out on good things simply because they are popular. and #7, you are an asshat!

    • Nik

      I agree:)

  • Barb

    #9…I'm trying really hard to justify in my head why this would be acceptable. I can't do it…park in a "normal" spot with the rest of us. A little extra walking won't kill you.

    • sweatervest

      haha Barb, agreed. since you are fat and look like you are pregnant, Im guessing the extra walking would do nothing but help your situation. just plain LAZY!!!

  • Mia

    #12 congratulations!!! It's not easy to do that by yourself(:

  • machiavelli

    #7 odds are you're also the customer that leaves a gigantic mess and makes the server bend over backwards despite having other tables to take care of.

    #11 *grateful

    • kim

      you are annoying

  • silly person

    #1 haha it's not called peer pressure, it's called trying new things. I learned I did not enjoy twilight but the other two are decent. be open minded…

  • dreagee

    #1 i kind of agree with you but i dont read them because i feel its peer pressure, i feel like everyone has talked so much about them that i dont need to read them to know what they are about. people ruined them for me…

  • Mandy

    #3 got me! I'm always hoping for that kind of love. One day you will find that person…until then, good luck with your travels and keep your head up:)

  • amierose86

    #12 congratulations! Us berries are proud of you!

  • sidekickk

    #12 Going on my second year of having an eating disorder. I hope to be where you are soon:)

    • April

      Wow you have no idea but the fact that you KNOW you have an eating disorder and strive to be like #12 puts you in a better place. Congrats on your first step sidekickk.

  • Jenae

    #12 congrats on such a HUGE triumph over a terrible disease. Your only 21 yr old now you can do bigger and better things with your life because you have overcome something other people cant…
    I will pray for you and to keep up your strength

  • carolina


  • chivettebecky

    #1 I agree with Twilight and Hunger Games, but I gave the Dragon Tattoo a chance and it's actually a well-written, adult book…which I think the other two lack.

    • Peggy

      Twilight was awful, I liked The Hunger Games, not so much the second and third book, and liked The girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Read 5 pages of Fifty Shades, if it hadn't been on my ereader I would have thrown it against the wall. I just deleted it. Trash

      • Amy

        HA I almost committed violence against my Kindle as well while reading 50 Shades, but it would have been drowned in my bathtub.

  • Elise

    #10 you are what's wrong with education. Teaching is not something you fall back on because you think you are an idiot. You are teaching and molding an entire new generation. It takes passion and dedication to children and how they individually learn. Do the kids a favor and quit. Leave teaching for those of us who strive to create lifelong learners.

    • Elise

      And by the way. It is not only "the real world", it is 22+ other people's "real world" as well.

    • kim

      YES! as a teacher this postcard makes me sad, teaching is not easy work and it's all about intrinsic gain, hence you gotta love it!

  • Lisa

    #7 Let me tell you a little something. You are in fact, an asshat as mentioned above. I am a server at a large chain restaurant. Did you know that we are rated based on our tip percentages? We have to claim our tips after every shift. If we fall below a certain percentage for our total sales, it means one of two things. Either our service has sucked and customers showed their displeasure by not tipping well. Or we aren't claiming 100% of our tips…I.E. lying to the government about our income. Either way, if that happens enough, they will terminate you. Those who have a higher tipping rate get promoted to other areas of the store where they make even more money. 😉

    My standard tipping rate used to be 18% unless someone was a total idiot. It's now 22% and up to 25% if the service is outstanding. And you know what? The servers, the good ones, are worth it!!!

    You can add the tip on the gift card too if you want!! :)

    • R&L12

      I get sick of hearing servers complain about tips. You KNEW when you took the job you would get a very low hourly rate plus tips. Don't like the pay and tips get a job at Lowes or Walmart or a fast food place where you at least get minimum wage. They all have flexible hours too. I would NEVER tip 22-25%. On average when we go to a nice restarurant we spend about $100 on food and drinks and we are there for about an hour. That would basically be paying the server $22-$25 for sitting there for ONE HOUR and having them come to the table (serve us) for a total of maybe 5 MINUTES, so $22-$25 for 5 minutes max of actual work/serving us! Oh, I don't think so! (Continued Below)

      • rl12

        By the way…we are the type that pick up after ourselves, we don't leave messes in the floor, we don't complain (if we don't like the food we just don't eat there anymore) we stack our plates and utensils neatly to be picked up, we don't leave napkins everywhere and we are told countless times that we are one of the best couples to serve and they look forward to serving our table…and everyone knows we tip 15% at most and they still like us. It's arrogant to think you are ''worth'' $25 an hour or even $12.50 for half an hour or in actuallity…5-6 minutes max worth of serving one table.

        • Lisa

          If you read the actual Post Secret card, this person leaves no tip at all. Not a small tip…not a mediocre tip…NONE at ALL. That is a bullshit move in my opinion. The person who gave them the gift card probably thinks highly of them. How would that person feel knowing that they screwed someone else over? :-/

          Also…there's a little thing called tip sharing. I give 1% of my SALES…not 1% of my tips…to the bar, automatically, even if I don't sell any alcohol. I give a total of 3-4% of my sales to other helpers in the restaurant too. The person who assembles the food after the kitchen cooks it, people who roll silverware, the hostess sometimes, hell, I've even tip shared with the dishwasher. So even if I get 20% on a $100 ticket, I actually take home $16. All together, I bet I spend 10 minutes actually with each table, talking with them, taking their order, going over the menu, coming back with refills, telling them the ins & outs of each item they may have questions for. I do my best to make a personal connection with each and every patron, making sure they feel special and valued.:) I spend time anticipating their needs. The drinks at my table do not go empty. The food is correct. All the sides of ranch, slices of lemon in a bowl for their use at any time, extra napkins, etc etc etc are there, and there quickly, and there with a smile on my face, no matter what else is going on in my life, or what other tables I have to take care of. :) I also give guests little tips that get them free food…like signing up for the newsletter…or filling out the online survey while they're at the table will get them a free dessert. :) I am worth 20% of the ticket. 😉

          For my own restaurant, if the food is less than what you expect, or if I notice you didn't eat it, I want to know why and I want to do my best to make you happy…for exactly the reasons you listed. I WANT YOU TO COME BACK, even if you tip 15% at the most, because I actually do love my job!!!! :)

          I had the opportunity to take care of a veteran of the Korean War last night. He is recovering from a stroke. It was his grand daughters 15th birthday. :) I ended up getting $20 on a $70 ticket…I told the Mom that it was too much, but she insisted. She also said that they'd be back, and they'd request me as their server. :)

          I've also had the other kind of guest though. Some let their children run wild, coloring in the menus, on the walls, throwing things, screaming at the top of their lungs. People who are not happy with anything, ever. Or those who I've done everything well…appropriately…who still leave a less than 10% tip. When those people come back, I still give them the same level of service that I give the 20%+'ers.

          While you yourself may be a great guest, there are many many more who are less than conscientious with their dining experience. The person who made this post secret card is screwing someone over. They may not realize it. So I informed them. 😉 :)

  • ShaHiROHara

    I actually just changed my career from education to accounting because it was the most difficult, thankless career I had ever attempted. The kind of passion and patience a teacher has to have every minute of every day is limitless and I honest to God could not hack it. I give complete and total props to anyone who can. I'll take anything the "real world" can throw at me over a classroom full of kids who fight you every step of the way as you attempt to mold them into learned, functional young adults.

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