• Lisa

    #13 Awwwwwww…sweet babies. Y'all make me want to scoop you up gently and snuggle you til all the worries in your young lives have passed. If your parents read this, HUGE HUGS there Mom and Dad. 😉

    As for miracles, #2 is my daughter. We absolutely believe too. (Alex, you made Kayla's day by including her in the "Best of the week gallery"…truly…thank you.)

    Mom & Dad, you may never know why your children were given this challenge. You may never know the "why's" of most every thing. When it comes down to it though, the "why" of it doesn't matter at all. Do your best, live your lives, believe in your miracles, breathe, laugh as much as you can, and learn as much as you laugh. When you can, help someone who's going through something. And maybe then, you will learn the "why" of Sage & Story's young challenges. (Great names too by the way!!!) 😉

  • Kib

    # Black Anzac Biscuits :)

  • AndrewyPadew

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  • forgottenart

    #20 Monochrome Smoothie

  • TommyB

    #18 DAMN-IT!
    #40 LORD please help that child!

  • Emily

    I absolutely cannot get over how hot #27 is.

  • Christine

    Who, in the world, is #39?? And why is he not making my babies…

  • JenPen

    #53 Bo Bo Banana!!

  • Sarah

    #20 Pink Nacho

    Not sure about you but I think it could catch on

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