• Allan

    Up up and away I go…

  • bella

    #1 By car, bike, train, bus….for me car works really good!

    • mimi

      walking is good for you too

      • bella

        And I do…7h30 per day, 5 days a week! Sounds pretty enough for me😉

  • Wisti

    #15 Is really cool…

  • Jodie

    Off to the gym I go!

  • Tamralcp

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  • googleberry

    #8 Sometimes you get sick no matter how fit you are.

    • googleberry

      I meant #6

  • CeigeJay

    #11 Woohoo! I already eat all of these foods like candy.

  • socalmarti

    #13 That's right baby! LIKE A BOSS!!!!❤

  • http://twitter.com/melody6498 @melody6498

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  • Nickey J
    • Jomaria

      It's real… Hubby bought one at the Nike in Washington:)

  • Kaydid13

    What is motivational about #13?? It is cruel…This is exactly why I don't work out at the gym. Why waste your time taking pictures of people who are trying to create a healthy life style? Just concentrate on your OWN work out! Don't mock anyone who is trying to better themselves…Bad form Berry.

    • kris

      Who says they were making fun? I agree that I wouldn't want someone taking a pick of my overweight self at the gym, but maybe it was a "yeah! Good on you!" Instead of a "look at this guy…"

      • Kaydid13

        I'm fairly certain it was more of a "I'm so glad I'm NOT that person" type of photo which is why its in the "Motivation" heading…and like you said yourself, you wouldn't want someone taking a picture of you so either way it's wrong and hurtful.

        • Emily

          this one motivates me more than seeing all of the already super fit people. at least for me, since i'm starting out, i don't want to look at super skinny people with ripped bodies all the time. this one lets me see that if i work at it, i can get off to a good start. i don't need to see skinny, ripped people to get me motivated. i need to see every day people like me who are working at it.

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