• sidekickk

    #3 who??? I'd rather see one direction!

  • vihenos

    #6 & #39 Lea Michele my love.. why have you been so shiny in the face recently? D:

  • judy

    who are some of these people?

    • hpuem

      My thoughts exactly

  • Emily

    #40 can't WAIT for New Girl to come back!!

    • justpeachy

      me too !!! nick+jess❤

  • Trisha

    I was in the pit for the taping of this last night … all I have to say is this award show was a joke! Not in the sense where they recognized young adults for making a change, that part was beautiful and emotional, but for the unrealistic recognition of the celeb winners. Like Will I Am … WTF!?! And Joel McHale … in a real award show there is no way these two would have won while upagainst people like Ellen Degeneres.

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