• Lys

    #3 … Sometimes, yes it is worth it… I absolutely love chocolate, and while I don't go overboard, I find that depriving myself just makes me want it all that much more… A little bit of chocolate everyday and I'm happy and still healthy at 5'7" and 120… I believe if you work hard at getting the body youve always wanted, you should be able to treat yourself (in moderation of course!)

    • sidekickk

      Nailed it! Delicious chocolate cake from scratch = worth it. Chocolate cake from a box = not worth it.

    • surlymermaid

      I agree. Once in a while it is worth it to splurge. Everything in moderation.

  • BecStarr

    I miss seeing things about the mind and friends on Daily Motivation. I like the health and fitness stuff, but some variety would be nice:)

  • socalmarti

    #9❤:) Kept me going today!!!

  • Aubrey

    #16 Joseph M I go to Monmouth University KCCO

  • doerteee

    I'll be running my first 5k in three weeks, ahhh. D:
    I know I won't be anywhere near the winner, but I don't want to be last either. That's my biggest fear.
    Daily Motivation posts help a lot, though😀

    • googleberry

      That is great! Good luck in the race and be strong training. So impressed!😀

    • lani_berry

      Even if you DO finish last, at least you'll be last place in something that not very many people take part in!:)

    • surlymermaid

      If it's your first race, your goal should simply be to cross the finish line. Even if you're dead last you still made it to the end and didn't quit! I'm running my first 5k in November.:)

  • googleberry
  • googleberry

    I am so "off the wagon" on eating right now…but I know it's just temporary because of the DM! Thanks, Berries!

  • Bee

    I had half my birthmark on my chest removed Friday😦 not allowed to lift weights or exert myself for two weeks… At least I can maintain my diet.

  • surlymermaid

    #16 HMOTB? Oh I think so!

  • amqtpi

    i should start working out more…right after i finish my pocky:)

  • sanfrannie

    #9 is a little "thinspo"

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