• Kel

    Love LOVE daily motivation!!!

  • PicklesMcGee

    mm #16 is very motivational😉

  • Grumpygoose

    #3 ……wait…what? seriously? party on i suppose ma'am

    • Hollywood22

      Your post made me LMAO. Thank you

  • tangeria

    #8 there appears to be no bottoms to that outfit . =) i guess that is one way to make yourself run faster!

  • Sarah

    #7 – I wish I coudl do this to my fridge but it will never be, at least not until I have a family. It would be wasteful more than anything else. There's no way one person can eat that many vegetables before they go bad. =(

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #7 I really wish my fridge looked more like this. Maybe 30% of it does…

  • Nana

    #7 I'm definitely trying to eat better but this seems a bit overboard…

  • WisGal_KCCO

    I think I need to start waiting to look at these posts until I get home from work. I look at them in the morning and get super pumped, but by the time I get home I'm like, "Pssh, I'll do it later. Dinner, here I come." I'm just horrible at keeping up with exercising, lol. I'm afraid the only way I'll actually do it on a regular basis is if someone straps a shock collar to my leg and forces me to do it. Do my fellow Berry ladies have any tips (besides doing it in the morning, because frankly, that will never happen) ??

    • bit312

      I used to work out late at night. I wasn't a morning person either so I'd get home, eat dinner, unwind for an hour then strap on my shoes and head out! Be safe though, make sure you're wearing clothing that keeps you visible. But being in college and working full time, I wasn't willing to get up any earlier than i had to so I know how you feel. Consistency is key!

      • doerteee

        That's what I do. I used to run in the morning, and it had a lot of advantages (I felt so much more awake and happy afterwards!) but it was really hard to keep up.
        Now I run an hour (or two) after dinner and the running itself feels a lot better and it's something I look forward to during the day.

    • googleberry

      I had a gym membership to a gym that was on my way home halfway through the commute. So off of the expressway, hit the gym, shower and dress, then home. Every night. Cardio then a split stacked weight routine, so I could do it every night. Went in on Saturdays and Sundays off. 😀

      • googleberry

        I should also say that I had a pre-workout snack just before I left work and when I got home a post-workout snack. So no really big dinner. It just didn't sit right on my stomach after I worked out. Then make the food for the next day and pop them in the fridge. 😀

    • Candles

      If I'm at home and thinking about working out I change into my clothes right away. Once I'm in those clothes I know that it's time to exercise.

    • longcoolwoman

      I don't know about you, but I'm horrible at working out on my own. I'd see if you could find a friend to work out with or join a gym/club/whatever that has classes you can go to so you have it on your schedule and don't have to work out alone. This month I have a crossfit class that I go to MWF at 6am, next month I'll probably do it MTRF at 6. I tried going after work last month (believe me, I love to sleep, too) but I was just so tired and it was so hot by then (Houston, ugh) that I never went. So, mornings work for me, and classes work for me. Good luck:)

  • surleymermaid

    #14 – Best way for me to leave my worries behind for a while!

  • Nae

    love the daily motivation and i think it's fantastic! i have noticed that running is highlighted quite often. is it possible to maybe highlight some other awesome sports like swimming, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, etc? i think that people might be interested to have their own awesome sports included too along with all the other awesomeness you already provide:) just a thought and keep up the motivating work!

    • Bit312

      I like this idea too. We recently started a rec volleyball league and I make that my Wednesday work out. I make sure to really break a sweat, and it's so much fun!

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