• LaurenGoMeow

    #10 a taste on the lips, forever on the hips

    • sidekickk

      Oh, but fat IS flavor!

  • Allie

    we need more pics like #1 instead of skinny women who never had an issue with weight posing for pictures. #1 is real motivation

    • Blondie

      Just because someone is thin/fit posing for pictures doesn't mean they have never had an issue with weight. It's possible that they have worked really hard to be in shape.

      • mimi

        We know..but most of the pictures looks like #3 all done up in makeup and looking very polished..it's nice to see more people who look like they are actually working out

  • blondebullsfan13

    #1 is awesome! You go girl! I agree with Allie! This makes me smile! She's got her confidence and she is doing great thing! Keep up your hard work!! You've got Berries standing with you!

  • Brienna

    i hate you daily motivation because even though i got my ass kicked at the gym today and was told to leave 20 minutes early for feeling dizzy, you are motivating me to go back and do it all over again on friday. I dont actually hate you, i love you but i dont want to right now…

    • Tara

      maybe you aren't eating enough before workouts..I get dizzy if I haven't eaten then workout.

      • Brienna

        Yep, I didnt eat. It was the first workout with my first personal trainer, i was so nervous that i thought i was going to vomit.

        • KeepitUp

          The first time I worked with my personal trainer, I felt sick too! It's easy to get nervous and psych yourself out. What I've found works for me is to give myself plenty of time before meeting with my trainer– I wake up about an hour early, eat breakfast slowly, and just start the day off on a relaxed note. You'll find your rhythm, don't worry!! Good luck with your training, it's so rewarding!

    • Asolare

      Recommend you drink some more water!

  • doerteee

    #15 i want that shirt!

  • Sarah

    #8 – Actually, I'm pretty sure my inner thighs will hate me for about four days after those…

    • ale

      I need to do this… my inner thighs are hateful little bitches.

  • Wisti

    #3 is beautiful
    #16 Thank you:)

  • emG


  • Mallory

    #16 – Yum.

  • Chivettest

    #16 I have that shower curtain! I like to take baths while trying to read all the cities backwards.

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  • surleymermaid

    #1 GO YOU!

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