• dkellyb

    #21 seems kind of ironic to put that on sportswear…

    • Hollywood22

      I don't think you know what that word means

      • dkellyb

        It was actually more a lack of a better word (and English not being my native tongue), but I figured it'd be ok anyway since people who don't work out that much (me😦 )often seem to claim to be "dying" once it gets tough😑

  • kawennahere

    I love #15 ! Does anybody know what kind of Nikes they are? (Nike Lunarglide, Nike Vomero 6, etc?)

  • Abbey

    #20 Am i the only person that thinks these kind of sports bras totally smash your boobs while working out ?

    • blondebullsfan13

      I agree – haha! And I am small anyway! I really like them though! However, I don't care how good/not good I look while I am working out!

  • Tha

    Omg lets have this post everyday too !! It's extra motivation !!!

  • Kal

    #21 Never hurt nobody? So it did hurt somebody..

  • Katie

    I want #13!

  • bugaboo

    my only gripe with workout clothes is that they don't make them for fat people. i'm supposed to go do my first mini triathalon next week and i can't find diddly to wear. normally, i just wear guy stuff. i guess large men can get fitness gear, but a fat chic is supposed to sit at home? sorry, feeling a bit tired and pooped from my workout this morning.:/ thanks berry for putting up the motivation, it keeps me in check:)

    • Samantha Kristal

      So you're telling me you can't find a pair of shorts and a t-shirt anywhere? Right… lol. Workout clothes are just comfortable breathable clothing you wear to exercise in.. Not sure why you are having an issue. Not trying to be a jerk I'm just saying…

  • doerteee

    I want a shirt that says "run like you stole something" and I know Nike made them but everywhere I look it's sold out… the one I want is orange and I only found a blue one that I don't like as much =(
    Lots of cute alternatives here though!

    • googleberry

      yes, I went looking, too. Same thing as you, all sold out.😦 I'd keep checking ebay and the nike site…

  • googleberry

    #24 is the wrong link. $24 here.

    • googleberry

      Whoops, $16 on sale.

    • Lindsey

      I have this tank and I love it! If you don't feel comfortable just running in a sports bra but you want to battle the heat this is the perfect option:)

  • googleberry

    I thought that, too. My family hates that I am the "grammar police."😦

    • Kristina

      It's from a Beyonce song, isn't it? I think 'Get me bodied'

      • googleberry

        Sorry! I wouldn't know… since I'm mostly deaf music has lost it's appeal a bit. But yes, I just googled it. Right song! Good job. πŸ˜€ * and in my heart of hearts, where deep personal issues reside, the grammar is still not correct *

  • googleberry

    #3 Whole tutorial for the DIY workout shirt here.

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