• JennyChive

    Love love love

  • dkellyb

    #12 oh Doutzen, if only it were that easy to look like you D:

  • Kiki

    2 daily motivation?? Awesome birthday present thnk you😀

    • Betsy

      Happy Birthday😀

      • Kiki

        Thank you:)

    • Sarah

      Happy birthday!! Now go to the gym! Lol. =)

      • Kiki

        Hahaha i know thank you :))

  • Bitchface

    #11. Hahaha. "Helthy".

  • nicole

    Woot-Woo–double dose of motivation! yes!

  • Tara

    Two daily motivations a day is a dream come true!!

  • Kase Face

    Two daily motivations?! Definitely not missing my workout today!

  • Tan

    #5 how many times a week did you go?

  • socalmarti

    #10 and #14 got me going today!:)

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #7… Twelve weeks. Alright, that's a goal I can feel okay about. Week one starts tonight.:)

  • Nadley

    #3 Blacked is not a healthy option. Most of the time its fish or chicken, pan fried while pouring melted butter on it with mounds of Cajun seasoning. Tons of butter and sodium.. Delicious though for sure!

  • Bianca Zaragoza

    Two daily motivations was a message from TheBerry to me saying

    Get your ass up and work out!

  • Tal

    Let's have some MOAR! MOAR!!

  • Ashley

    Man on left,.. I just fell in love with you. Ay carumba ! Move to Arizona and get me muddy haha !

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