Ladies of theBERRY…

Hey all, a Berry reached out to me yesterday. She sent a touching email about her friend Adam, soldiers and Post-traumatic stress disorder. I'll let Jess take it from here...

This is my friend Adam. He was a man of kindness, a great friend, loving brother, hard worker, and proud soldier. (Not to mention a HMOTB!)

Adam passed away on August 19. Like many other soldier returning from service he was affected by PTSD. He was very proud of his time serving his country and did not often express his levels of pain or hardship from his experiences overseas.

I beg of my fellow berries to reach out to our brothers and sister in arms & those you love to show your support! I recently learned about the Lone Survivor Foundation and the impact it has on military families. I just wish that more individuals would have a chance to participate in programs like these to help them cope.

Click HERE to find out about the Lone Survivor Foundation's mission.

Attached are several pictures of Adam. Some of him with his sister, some of him just being really hot, and some from during his time on active duty.

I know it is a lot to ask, and even if it's brief, please share his story. I know there are so many other men & women who have gone above and beyond to serve their country to preserve our freedoms who are struggling daily to cope with the physical and psychological effect of war.

Thank you!

We are so sorry for your loss, Jess. Adam is a hero...
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex

Click HERE to find out about the Lone Survivor Foundation’s mission.

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