• Girly Engineer


    90% of my Engineering professors did this! ALL THE TIME!

  • :-)

    #20 WOOOOOW hello there!

  • Asolare

    Edinburgh Castle has a knack of looking great in sunshine and on those misty, foggy November days… I love this place.

  • rebz

    #34 makes me wanna vomit.

  • Tania

    #39 – Not only is he hot, he can COOK too! Double whammy.

    #6 – Go with the red/coral tie. It brings out the red tones in the shoes and belt and is a great contrast with the white shirt and gray jacket.

  • Sophie

    #17 #18 made me crack up so much! Haha, Tom Daley, you're adorable!

  • lewoo3

    #39 been too long since we last saw you!!! MOAR

  • xJenni

    #13 Solo cups.

  • ak4712

    #39 Just… sexy.

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