Morning coffee (39 photos)


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  • kelsey

    #18 love him

  • sof

    #6 that better be a brown belt to go with the Brown shoes….oh and go w/ the red tie.

  • mrsdavis11

    #6 the red tie would look classic but if you wanted an edgier look go with one of the paisley ones. oh and the brown belt and shoes look fine with that suit. When you get dressed snap a pic so we can see the total package.

  • Tiggerwitch

    #8 – WANT!!! Wowwie Mama! Where can I find me one of those?

  • Jess

    #39 – Yum! Can I have both for breakfast?

  • Shelby

    #6 I'm loving the red or the light paisley!!

  • dailin

    #6 I fail to see the problem XD

  • dailin

    #16 * correction

  • kelso

    #39 ….. Marry me….?

  • cccchivette

    #39 I wouldn't mind getting some of you for my breakfast, keep the food for after ;)

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #20 Well hello gorgeous.

  • notfornothing1

    #8 did anyone else automatically think, "jesus?"

  • katmz

    #39 I can't tell which is more delicious…

  • rach

    #15 You're right I don't think I've ever seen Edinburgh that sunny before!

  • Angela

    1.Powder Blue tie. I wouldn't combine the pattern on the jacket with a pattern on the tie, otherwise I'd vote for the red. Can't fail with the Blue.
    2. No go on the Black belt (If it's not black, it's too dark a brown for those shoes) Not only does it not coordinate with the shoes, but in a light suit like this, it's going draw the eye to your waist instead of your handsome face where it belongs :D

    • Asolare

      100% what Angela says. Apart from that last bit. I didn't say that.

  • Charlotte

    #9 Oh my goodness, I can not take my eyes off him!

    • Charlotte

      wrong number, I meant #8 but the comment is still kinda relevant…..

  • erin

    #34 SHUT IT!!

  • cookie

    i was speaking to a co-worker while scrolling and saw #39 and completely forgot what i was saying, thank god i was on break lol

  • BadToes

    #26 WTF??? You look like a lunatic?

    • eading88

      Agreed. Not sure why you are grabbing yoru boobs in lopsided way?

    • Cynburghleah

      Ummmm, because I have breast cancer, and I'm trying to make light of it to keep myself sane :) Perhaps you should think twice before posting derogatory comments. That is all.

  • BadToes

    #39 ROFL… Yo Daniel… stop staring at the phone ya dope. Once you have the pic in view, look in the mirror you dope. You look like a CROSS-EYED FOOL

  • Girly Engineer


    90% of my Engineering professors did this! ALL THE TIME!

  • :-)

    #20 WOOOOOW hello there!

  • Asolare

    Edinburgh Castle has a knack of looking great in sunshine and on those misty, foggy November days… I love this place.

  • rebz

    #34 makes me wanna vomit.

  • Tania

    #39 – Not only is he hot, he can COOK too! Double whammy.

    #6 – Go with the red/coral tie. It brings out the red tones in the shoes and belt and is a great contrast with the white shirt and gray jacket.

  • Sophie

    #17 #18 made me crack up so much! Haha, Tom Daley, you're adorable!

  • lewoo3

    #39 been too long since we last saw you!!! MOAR

  • xJenni

    #13 Solo cups.

  • ak4712

    #39 Just… sexy.

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