• CAChivette

    I belong there. TAKE MY MONEY!

  • emm

    ho…… ly….. crap…… #4 looks like heaven to me!

  • katie

    I seriously expected it to look like a frat house with poorly hidden whoopie cushions under every seat. Never would have expected such elegant taste. Sad as this may sound, $35 mil just might be a bargain for that place.

  • Mallory

    Man, better call that realtor before it gets snatched up. I'm sure I have enough to put 20% down….

  • Samantha

    Incredible. We need to all unite and pitch in for this – then we can just rotate weekends!! It will be theChive/theBerry Palace!!

    • samanthalin88

      Maybe just theberry palace. I would be scared to see what thechive men might do to it…

  • Dollface

    yes please!!! Its gorgeous!!

  • Sarah

    This place is beautiful. At least he tastefully decorated it, unlike most stars these days where it's either so gaudy you have to look away, or everything is WHITE.

  • Cyn

    Napa is beautiful country…beautiful estate!!

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